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Willow Boutique in Midland, Texas carries Magnolia Pearl's latest products. This particular clothing brand was started in 2001 by Robin Brown and husband, John. Resourcefulness being one of her most important companions, it enables Robin to consistently create new pieces of Magnolia Pearl inspired by the beauty that can be found in objects when they are loved in their entirety, including all the history an object or material might hold after years of being on this planet, and even all the new materials she uses are all enhanced with the special look and feel of hand distressing. Staying extremely passionate and generous are the driving forces that launch the creative arrow. Creativity is in her DNA, and Robin practices the art of paying it forward every day as her form of honoring the gift that is this life.

Robin adheres to the authentic values of breathing life and love into every piece. No detail is overlooked; flour sacks, aged lace, paint spattered cottons, wood crates, dented bathtubs, nothing escapes her creative eye, bringing the essence of the object's original beauty into the forefront in her clothing and her environments. Through her exploration of textile processes and an open and loving approach to garment construction, Robin's has created the Magnolia Pearl signature style. This dedication to art and a gracious life is woven into each piece, ensuring that Magnolia Pearl is always original, extremely detailed, and ahead of it's time. It's creativity for the sake of love; for the love of the people who wear these pieces of art, as well as those who work in the Magnolia Pearl family, and simply for the love of creating. That Magnolia Pearl is successful is a bonus, as giving is Robin's greatest joy and so she is thankful every day that through this company, she is able to "play a small part in making the world a better place". Robin attributes Magnolia Pearl's success to a gift of "abundance in this life and if you are open to that then things show up when they're supposed to and so there is no need to force things - It takes rain and sunshine to grow a flower, not thunder!!!"

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